Journal Articles

“Experience of Discrimination in Egalitarian Societies: The Sámi and Majority Populations in Sweden and Norway
Ethnic and Racial Studies (2023).

Subjective well-being and income: a compromise between Easterlin paradox and its critiques
Economics E-Journal 12, article no. 43 (2018).

Trajectories of emigrant quasi-citizenship: a comparative study of Mexico and Turkey
Comparative Migration Studies 5, article no. 18 (2017).

Book Chapters

“Migration and Citizenship in Modern Turkey”
The Routledge Handbook of Citizenship in the Middle East and North Africa, London: Routledge (2020).


Multilevel governance, European institutions, and subnational actors: Does transnational experience shape political ideas?
Delivered in ECPR General Conference (2020).
Full paper (pdf)

“Indigenous institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa: New Data on the Legal Integration of Traditional Governance and the Links with Democratisation ”
Co-authored with Katharina Holzinger, delivered in ECPR General Conference (2020).
Full paper (pdf)

“Is equality better for everyone? A multilevel approach to income inequality and subjective well being.”
Co-authored with Nihan Toprakkiran, delivered in IPSA 24th World Congress (2016).
Full paper (pdf)

“Stakeholder or Differentiated Citizenship for Non-Resident Nationals: Towards a Liberal Principle of Extraterritorial Membership?”
Delivered in IPSA 24th World Congress (2016).
Full paper (pdf)

“Institutionalization of Multi-Level Governance: comparative cases of CoR and CLRAE.”
Delivered in UACES 45th Annual Conference (2015).
Full paper (pdf)


The institutionalization of multilevel politics in Europe
PhD thesis, University of Cambridge (2016) [link]

Exploring normative theories of democratic citizenship: the case of Turkish emigrants in Germany
MA thesis, Central European University (2012)  [link]